Welcome to the Catholic Parish of Applecross, we are a vibrant faithful and welcoming community. Visitors and new parishioners are always welcome to join us in celebrating the Eucharist. Our hope is that together we can continue to build the Kingdom of God, not only within our Parish community but within our society. We also hope that you will find information and resources that will help you personally and enable you to play a part in making Jesus real, loved and followed in whatever corner of the world you happen to be.

Hopefully together we will be able to walk the path that Christ calls us to and so fulfill the essence of the Rule of St Benedict, “The Love of Christ must come before all else”.

We hope you find our website helpful. We are open to any comments you would like to offer, that will help us more fully live out the mission of Christ in this part of the world.

'Rule of St Benedict - The Love of Christ, must come before all else'

How to Reach Us

Parish Priest: Father Nelson Po
Parish Secretary: Colleen Geldenhuys
Office Hours: Tuesday to Friday 10am - 5pm
Address: 115 Ardross St, ARDROSS WA 6153
Postal Address: PO Box 1831, APPLECROSS, WA 6953
Telephone: 9364 1120
Fax: 9316 9587
Email: admin@stbenedicts.net.au

Latest News

Easter Mass Timetable
Have a happy and holy Easter.
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Latest Rosters are now available.
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Latest Newsletter
4th Sunday of Lent, Yr A (26th March, 2017)

Reflection by Dianne Bergant CSS
Humans see and judge by appearances, but God looks into the heart, and there finds the real person. God’s standards are not superfi-cial, as are so many of the standards of the world. It is not age, beauty or physical strength that is important; it is not social position or religious role that is preferred. God chooses whom God chooses. God saw in David, the insignificant shepherd, the potential for being the chief shepherd of his people. The man who was born blind became the one through whom others would see the mighty works of God. Yet, neither young David nor the man in the gospel made the initial step; each simply responded with openness to God’s choice of him.
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Applecross Catholic Women's League
We are seeking donations of Easter goodies to fill ham-pers for a Giant Easter Raffle for support of St Charles' Seminarian Fund to be conducted on the weekend 25/26 March.
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Calling All Seniors
Father Nelson and the Parish Pastoral Council would like to emphasise how important we value our seniors and in this regard invite you to a meeting on Friday 7 April at 11am in the Albert Lynch room.
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Our Parish Commitment weekend this weekend
Parishioners have the opportunity to join one or more ministries or parish groups.
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Latest Events

25-26 March
Parish Stewardship Weekend

4th April
Second Rite of Reconcilliation

2nd - 14th April
Palms Encounters

20th - 22nd April
Easter Mission with Father Leo Patalinhug

Mass Times

Saturday, 25th March
7:30am - Weekend Mass
11.00am-12.00pm - Reconcilliation
8.00am-12.00pm - Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
4.30am-5.30pm - Reconcilliation
6:00pm - Vigil

Sunday, 26th March
7:30am - Weekend Mass
9:30am - Weekend Mass
11:30am - Baptisms
6:00pm - Weekend Mass

Monday, 27th March
7:00am - Communion Service
7.30am-5.00pm - Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
7:00pm - Rosary for the Sick

Tuesday, 28th March
9:00am - Weekday Mass
9.30am-5.00pm - Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

Wednesday, 29th March
7:00am - Weekday Mass
8.00am-5.00pm - Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

Thursday, 30th March
9:00am - Weekday Mass
9.30am-5.00pm - Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

Friday, 31st March
7:00am - Weekday Mass
8.00am-5.00pm - Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament