st benedict’s church

Social Group

Social Committee

A parish community needs to be vibrant and interact both on a spiritual and social level. It is important then that opportunities be created for the parish community to interact over and above attending Mass. The objective of the Hospitality, Social and Community Building committee of the Parish Pastoral Council is to provide such opportunities. For further information, or should you wish to help the committee, please contact the Parish Office on 9364 1120.

Parish Morning Tea

Parish morning teas are held on a monthly basis in the Albert Lynch Room after the 7.30am (2nd Sunday of the month) and bi-monthly after the 9.30am Mass (last Sunday of the month). Parishioners are encouraged to meet over a 'cuppa'. Morning teas are a great way to meet and get to know other parishioners. We are happy to have extra hands join our rosters.

Contact the Parish office on 9364 1120 if you would like to go on a roster.

St Benedict's Playgroup

St Benedict's Playgroup caters for children up to three years of age. The Playgroup meets every Friday, from 9am to 11am in the Albert Lynch Room in the Parish Centre. The playgroup provides social interaction for children, parents and grandparents. All children and their parents from the Parish are welcome to join the Playgroup. Please contact the Parish Office on 9364 1120 for further information.

The Youth Community

This group is on hold at the moment as we are currently looking for leaders to take on the responsiblity of coorindating and running the group.

For further information please contact the Parish Office on 9364 1120.