st benedict’s church

Our History

Archbishop Prendiville formerally established Applecross Parish in 1952. Fr Albert Lynch was appointed Parish Priest.

1953 The Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions opened St Benedict’s Primary School and ran the school for 21 years.
1957 The second set of extensions to the School opened.
1958 The Church hall was opened
1973 Fr Rodney Williams was appointed Parish Priest, following the retirement of Fr Albert Lynch
1974 The last of the Sisters of Our Lady of Missions, left the school
1976 Fr Albert Lynch dies and there was the Blessing of the reconstructed Applecross church, in that same year
1977 Fr John O’Reilly was appointed Parish Priest and retired in 2003
2003 Fr Peter Whitely was appointed Parish Priest and in 2013 was appointed Vicar General of Perth Catholic Archdiocese, left Applecross Parish
2005 Saw the opening of the major rebuild of St Benedict’s Primary School and towards the end of 2006 the construction of the new Church and Parish Centre began
2008 The Solemn Dedication of St Benedict’s Church was celebrated on 24 February by Archbishop Barry Hickey
2012 Parish celebrated 60 years
2013 Fr Phillip Fleay was appointed Parish Priest
2016 Fr Nelson Po was appointed Parish Priest